My name is Marina Jungheim (22) and I was born and raised as a small town girl always dreaming of bigger places.IMG_8681 neu
Although I don’t believe in astrology I am living up to my zodiac sign as a many sided gemini.
Sometimes curious and full of temperament I also have my moments where I’m unfamiliar shy and quiet.
I love superhero and fantasy movies as much as I love cheesy love stories. I can’t decide if I’d rather finally be accepted at Hogwarts or take my place as the next Carrie Bradshaw. I’m a fitness freak and a very lazy person at the same time.
And there is so much more.

The only thing I see perfectly clear is how I want my future to be.

MissJungheim is my collection of beloved things, inspiration and stories of my life.




Feel free to contact me!



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